5 Reasons Why Small Business Need Digital Marketing

Is digital marketing good for small business?

I would like to answer that question by throwing in some facts and you be your own decision maker whether digital marketing is really necessary or not.

According to various studies and research some interesting data came forward :

  • 80% of the people make an online search of the product before they make a decision to purchase it .
  • 90% of the website traffic are search engine driven.
  • 55% of the people are more likely to click a particular brand if the name appears more than once on
    their search.

So , by seeing these few data alone you can imagine how Digital Marketing is impacting business specially small business which have a limited and small budget and have to spend each penny wisely.

5 Reasons Why Small Business Should Use Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing is a cost effective form of marketing .It doesn’t require huge investments therefore
    small businesses can use it strategically to grow their business.
  1. Targeting a specific kind of audience is one of the most important advantage digital marketing holds over traditional marketing.
    You can choose whom you want to reach and who sees your ads. You can also use e-mail marketing to reach to your potential costumers.
  1. Around 8 billion people in the world and somewhere around 1.5 billion people in India use a smartphone and its increasing. Therefore Digital Marketing helps in mobile marketing too. Many companies make their website mobile responsive. So having a mobile responsive website and mobile marketing can help a small business in a big way.

4. Digital Marketing helps in tracking conversions by understanding the traffic that has turned into either subscribers or lead or a consumer. Digital Marketing also helps you to re-market the product to them even if they have shown interest in a product. With Digital Marketing conversions have been always higher compared to traditional marketing.

5. With Higher conversion rates there is an increase in revenue. In fact companies that use any kind of Social Media platforms attract 80% more costumers than the companies who do not use Social Media Marketing.


Digital Marketing has unbelieveable impact on growing businesses. Companies today are utilizing digital platforms to create brand awareness , and drive costumers.
With the easily accessible internet today ,number of people going online increase everyday.
As of 2020 around 4 billion people are on some kind of social media which means half the world population.

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