SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Many of us in present age constantly keep hearing this word called seo. We often hear things like seo is very important for a website , doing seo will increase your business and many
such things but what exactly is seo and why is there so much hype about this. In this article i will be writing all you need to know about seo and how it started ,how it helps your
business/website and whether or not do you need it.

What Is SEO

Before answering the question , you should understand how a search engine works. When a user searches for a topic/word, which means a keyword in Digital Marketing ,the search engine displays results to a user . This page is called a Search Engine Result Page( SERP). Search engine like Google in it’s results page has various sections in its page
Among which the above 2 results and bottom 3 results or vice versa are paid results. We call them as google ads.
In between the paid results are the organic results and here is where SEO comes in picture.
Therefore answering to the question, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method of attracting unpaid/organic traffic to a website.
Although SEO takes time but still a good SEO on a website will ensure that the website not only makes it to the first page of the SERP but also puts you in a good rank.

Why A Good Ranking Matters ?

Speaking of a good ranking why is it important for a website/business to have a good ranking. The answer is simply because if your website/business is not visible on the first page then
it is worthless because honestly speaking 99% of the user do not care to go beyond 1st page to see the results even most of the user wont even go beyond first 3 search results on the first page itself.

According to the study conducted by SISTRIX over 25% of people click on the first search result provided . They wont even to bother to the second result.
So now you see how important it is for a website/business to rank on the first page itself to gain traffic/consumers. Studies also found that Tenth result of the search engine gets
only 2.5% Clicks. Imagine being in the search rankings below 10 . It will simply mean no one will notice your website or your business.

How A Search Engine Works

Now that we have understood why SEO is important , let me tell you how a search engine works.
Search engine crawls all the pages linked to websites and stores them in a database which is called indexing.

As soon as a search is requested, then

  • The Crawlers starts processing and comparing the indexed web pages.
  • It calculates the relevancy of the content in web pages with the requested search and finally
  • Ranks the search results which best matches the requested search .

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization is done so that search engine crawlers can read your content , understand it and rank them accordingly. But always keep in mind that you are designing a website for the user and not the crawlers, so your website should have a simple and quality content , always answering the queries of a user. Keep in mind to do a keyword research and analysis and find out the trending keywords and use it wisely in your content.
There are various different aspects of SEO on which ranking depends. To improve ranking on the result page following are the areas where we can perform SEO.
SEO is categorized as On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO


As the name suggests, on page SEO simply means doing SEO on the page of the website itself. In On-page SEO following are the areas to be improved upon :


To understand how SEO works you should know what keywords are. Keywords are nothing but the user search terms or phrases a user uses to search their queries.

Keyword is a very important part of SEO. It is very important to research which keywords have high search volumes. You can do your keyword research and analysis using a tool called keyword planner.

Visit and under Tools & settings you will find keyword planner. You can use this tool to search new keywords as well as see the search volumes and do a competitor analysis.

Alt text

This is really important for websites with more pictures and less text . Till date Web Crawlers haven’t figure out a way to read images. This is where alt text comes in handy .

If all your photos in the website have alt text then the images starts to make sense to the crawlers. So it is very important to enter alt texts in the images of the website.

In alt text just describe what the image is all about and do include keywords.

Anchor Text

Anchor text in other words can also be called as Link text. These texts are clickable texts and they link a content to your page or a different page . You can also give a image address to an anchor link.

Having anchor texts on your website helps users to navigate through your website easily.

Anchor text also makes it easy for a crawler to understand what the content is about.

You can use this html code to create your anchor tag and paste in your body tag.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is done outside the site But the activities done ,affects or improves the ranking of the page.
Off- page SEO matters equally because off page SEO is kind of promotion you do for a product to expand its reach.

The factors to checked and improved in Off page SEO are as follows :

Domain Authority

DA or domain Authority is an indicator of the domain. By improving DA score we can analyze the chances of the website to rank in the first page of the SERP.

DA has scale of 0-100 and while doing an SEO audit always look for the ways you can improve your DA can do a site audit by using sites like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

DA acts as an indicator on how well a site is performing what are its chances to be in the first page of the results page.

Socia Media Marketing

If your content on the blog/website is also shared across social media platforms then crawlers consider the content to be of high priority and ranks in their SERP accordingly.

Having a social media account for your website/blog is a healthy idea as it is important to build a social community which will help you to keep your audience engaged.


These are also known as Inbound links. Backlinks can be defined as the incoming links from a different website to your page.

Therefore a website with a good DA directs a link to your page, then your page also gets a uplift in the rankings as crawlers appreciates and legitimizes a backlink from a good website.

But it is very important that the backlinks coming from a website should have a content that is relevant to yours. Content relevancy is an important factor to be considered while seeking for a backlink .

Local listings

If you have business or a website that tells about provides service then it is always recommended to list your business with google by visiting Google my business.

Listing your business with google gives your website a boost locally . For example anyone searching for a service locally or around will automatically get a suggestion of your service if the services searched are provided by you.

Be it on google maps , google search results page or google shopping.

Therefore this a great tool on which local business can do seo upon to expand their reach locally .Hence this is also termed as Local SEO.

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