What Is Digital Marketing?


Advertising and marketing business online across any online platforms can be said as Digital marketing.
In other words, it can be said that any form of marketing that involves the use of electronic devices is called Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the medium where you can fulfill your business goals by promoting your business
to an audience of your choice using digital platforms.

Why Use Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing helps your business to get introduced to an audience of your choice.This is called
“Target Audiece”.
Targeting Audience was not possible in traditional form of marketing which makes Digital Marketing a
great tool in Digital age.

Digital Marketing is the most effective form of marketing till date and the results prove it :
1. 80% of the people make an online search of the product before they make a decision to purchase it .
2. 90% of the website traffic are search engine driven. So search engine optimization is very important.
3. 55% of the people are more likely to click a particular brand if the name appears more than once on
their search.

How Digital Marking Works

To promote your business online there are various medium in Digital Marketing using which you can reach your audience. They are :

  1. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  2. SEO
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Content Marketing

These are few mediums which will help your business grow and reach your desired audience. If you want to understand what these elements are then click on the topics below.

Search Engine Optimization

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